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Both songs represented the freedoms and desires of newly-named teenagers. The establishment was outraged, some radio stations banned him, but the greater the condemnation, the more successful he became. Why does he think his music was controversial?

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I never thought there was anything vulgar in it. They said the same about Great Balls Of Fire. All I hear is the beat, the rhythm, the words. He decided that nobody would outperform him, and nobody would follow him on the bill. Yet another story has it that when he was touring with Chuck Berry, and due to close alternate shows, Lewis saw red.

Nobody closes a show but Jerry Lee Lewis. Did he think he was the best? His music is definitely way ahead of its time. How was his music ahead of, say, Elvis? Rockabilly — which is close to hillbilly. Poor Presley was just a country bumpkin. He arrived at Heathrow, and gave a now infamous interview alongside wife Myra. So he had no qualms about showing Myra off to the press.

A shocked journalist asked how old she was and Jerry claimed she was After further digging, the newspapers revealed that Myra Gale Brown was actually 13, his cousin, and that for the second time, Lewis had failed to get divorced before remarrying. Lewis was shunned and concerts were cancelled. On his return to the US, it was said he had brought shame on the nation. But he carried on rocking, harder and wilder than ever before. He would gig in tiny clubs to the backdrop of drunks fighting.

Sometimes he would play for nine-hour stretches through the night. If anything, failure made him even more unrestrained. Then, in the late s, Lewis found commercial salvation in the country music he had grown up on. Yet today he tells me he was misunderstood. He stares me back in the face. Elvis is said to have moved his then girlfriend Priscilla into Graceland when she was 14 and he was Lewis has never understood why he was singled out for marrying Myra. Had he been in love before Judith?

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    Is he OK? He been sick or what? He used to come around… in the 70s. The truth is many of them are dead, and astonishingly Lewis has outlived them. All four were hard-drinking pill-poppers, and Lewis is the only survivor. How does he explain it? You took plenty of pills?