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Most recent publications in English include: Truth as perfect belief.

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Conflict - Analysis - Dialogue. Coordinator of many national and international projects in the fields of ICT, local economic development and competitiveness of firms and regions. Research has been focusing on the impacts of information technologies on business competitiveness, internationalization of industrial districts and design; and more broadly on Production systems, Business administration and Internationalization strategies and upgrading processes of SMEs in global value chains.

Teaches at VIU since Main fields of interest Renaissance architecture and the architecture of Venice. Storie, progetti, immagini, Sommacampagna: Cierre ; "Recinzioni con colonne nelle chiese veneziane.

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  • Tradizioni, revival, sopravvivenze," in Lo spazio e il culto. Stabenow, Venezia: Marsilio , ; "'El tempio di sovra:' note sulla storia e sul significato del coronamento mistilineo nell'architettura veneziana", Zbornik za umetnostno Zgodovino", XLII, , ; "Qualche tassello nella storia di Ca' Trevisan a Murano", in Andrea Palladio - Il Simposio del Cinquecentenario, Venezia: Marsilio His major research interest has been in Scottish Literature, particularly the Romantic Era, and, more recently, the figure of Christian Isobel Johnstone , an enigmatic liberal thinker and pioneer of female journalist.

    He is editor of her national tale Clan-Albin for the Association of Scottish Literary Studies the first edition in over years. Biblioteca de Nag Hammadi, with A. Elisabeth Livingstone, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, , pp.

    Meyerstein, World Scientific, Singapore, , pp. His professional experience includes both research and consulting work in different fields as urban demography, strategic planning and specific assessment in urban and cultural projects working for institutions like the International Olympic Committee. Visiting Scholar at Cambridge and Yale. Former Dean of VIU.

    Member of different commissions, among which the supervision board of the Bank of Italy and Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice. Major publications in English include works on the digitalization of the Japanese Media and on Economic Reforms in Japan facing Globalization. Since , he is coordinating an Israeli team in the "Two Narratives project", writing a Palestinian-Israeli history textbook; and he was the scientific advisor for the writing of a history textbook designed for Arab students, citizens of Israel.

    His interests range from English language testing and assessment and teacher education to varieties of English and English as a World Language. He has written a number of English language courses for students in Italy, Germany, Poland and China. His research publications include articles on language testing, and early years language acquisition. As a long-standing correspondent for The Times Educational Supplement he has a special interest in the language of the media. Holy Cross College , M. Middlebury College in Paris, France , Ph.

    Also taught at Yale. Areas of Specialization: post-romantic poetry and prose, literary criticism and theory, philosophical approaches to literature, and literary approaches to philosophy.

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    Amsterdam: Rodopi Press. Served as President of the Society of Business Ethics. Martin's, ; Africa's Discovery of Europe, New York: Oxford University Press, ; 2d ed. Oxford Studies in African Affairs. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 4th ed. Problems in World History.

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    Lexington, Mass. Heath, Won two awards for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching at Duke. Member of the Board of the Advertising Educational Foundation. Professor in the Department of English, BC.

    Was Lecturer at Cornell University. Doctoral thesis in progress on "The surface in relation to the photographic image" Barcelona. Professor at the School of Commerce, Waseda University. Art from the s to the s at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padua, where she is also teaching Iconography and Iconology.

    Professor of Mathematical methods for economics and finance at Ca' Foscari. Also teaches for the Ph. Research interest is mainly focused on computational economics and finance. LiCalzi, "The allocative effectiveness of market protocols under intelligent trading", in C. Bruun Ed. Notes in Economics and Math. Sciences, Springer, ; with C. Agostinelli, "Hierarchical clustering by means of model grouping", in M. Spiliopoulou, R. Kruse, C. Borgelt, A. Nurnberger, W. Gaul Eds. Forthcoming: with M. Dal Forno, "A comparison of different trading protocols in an agent-based market", forthcoming on Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 2.

    Was Visiting Student at Waseda. Forthcoming articles are on the history of the Incurabili, on the relationship between Charities and Venetian Patriciate at the beginning of the 's, on a Sixteenth Century Venice music collection and with D. Calabi on the history of the Venetian prostitutes' distric to 's. Slaner Chair for the Study of Racism and anti-Semitism. Served as head of the Department of Jewish History in Author of Beyond the Corporeal.

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    Main research fields: social and aesthetic issues in Catalan literature at the turn of the 19th to 20th century; the rising to the social scale in the European literature of the 19th century, with special focus on the role of industrial towns such as Barcelona; the political transition to democracy and its reflection on literature. Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Boston College. His publications include: Reading Habermas.

    Communitarianism in Ethics. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, Forthcoming: "What is Neoconservatism? General editor of "Cybercrime and Security" Oceana Publications, New York , a 3-volume series on law and security issues worldwide. The series includes contributions from 25 countries worldwide, and is an ongoing looseleaf service. Also, she is co-author with Dr. Irene McLaughlin et al. Taught at VIU in the Fall semesters of , , and Contributed to the exhibition Palladio nel Nord Europa. Maria Maddalena a S. Giovanni in Oleo e S. Salvatore a Ponte Rotto, in "Annali", X, , pp.

    Nevola and F. Bardati, Ashgate: Oxford. Current projects are on Italian 16thth Century sketchbooks in French collections; the production and circulation of Architectural Prints in Europe in the 16th Century; "foreigners" in 15th and 16th Century Venetian painting. Professor at Boston College. Areas of expertise: wetland ecology, biogeochemistry, coastal zone management, ecology, environmental chemistry, soil science, water quality, restoration of wetland functions and structure on the landscape.

    Also interested in effects of climate change on wetland processes, and in invasive species. Has been Resident Legal Advisor to the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria, managing the Legal consultance Program as part of the Technical Assistance loan of the Word Bank, appointed by Harvard University Sofia, ; Legal Consultant to the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria, drafting a land registration law and amendments to the substantive law on immovable property, including mortgage law , sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    Published articles on German-Japanese comparative law, on the law of privatization in Bulgaria. Edited a collection of Bulgarian laws concerning the economic sector. Printworld P Ltd. Professor of German Literature at Duke. Member of the editorial board of the "German Quaterly". Taught at Yale University. Duke University Press Her research interests include genre criticism and narrative theory, modern Hindi literature, literary communities and canon formation, Hindi popular cinema, representation of religious space in Iranian and Hindi cinema and nationalism in Hindi films. Specialist in Renaissance painting in Venice and Northern Italy esp.

    She has reserached cases of patronage, notably by Alfonso I d'Este and by religious confraternities. Lecturer at IUAV in soft skills, negotiation, self-management, problem-solving, crucial communication and cultural anthropology. Translated Vitruvius in English Penguin. Zur Krise der Vermittlung, G. Zimmermann, N.

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    Korrek Eds. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa, edited by G. Beltramini, H. Chatenet, C. Mignon, Paris, ; "Gianni Berengo Gardin. English Thoughts", Casabella , dicembre - gennaio She has published over fifty essays on Elizabethan theatre, intertextuality, Shakespeare, Stoppard, Pinter and others, and is currently preparing a book on Harold Pinter.