e-book The A.I. War, Book One: The Big Boost (Tales of the Continuing Time 4)

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The Rise of Science Fiction from Pulp Mags to Cyberpunk

Great points, Stephanie! Hey, I read books that are easy for me all the time. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for an awesome reading program!!!! Hi Summer!

When our former reading program was driving her batty, I just took her to the library and let her pick books that interested her. If the reading level was too high, I read them or helped. It took the pressure off though and now she loves the library. Thanks for sharing! When my girls first started reading they got a new book for every 20 read.

They also had a special doll that they could only hold if they were reading to her.

A. I. Battle Station (The A.I. Series Book 4) by Vaughn Heppner Audiobook Part 1

Motivational Tips Recommended by Our Readers For every 10 books your child reads, allow her to choose a prize from a bin of dollar store goodies. Recommended by D. Jacobs via Instagram Pick books that feature topics and themes your child is already interested in. Recommended by Lara via Instagram Let your child choose what he or she wants to read! Recommended by Sarahi D.

Recommended by Nancy B.

It’s black helicopter time

Recommended by Alaina K. Recommended by Robin W. Recommended by Corrie via Facebook Read aloud together with finger puppets! Recommended by Rachael via blog comment Have an older child read easy picture books to a younger sibling. Recommended by Ann Marie via blog comment. Create fun and engaging activities that tie in to the themes of a book your child is reading.

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Recommended by Allyson via blog comment Challenge your child to make up fun voices as he reads. Recommended by Anita via blog comment Use one-page stories to get them past the fear of the story being too long. You can even write your own!

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Recommended by Nichol via blog comment. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Kate says:. November 21, at am.

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