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Thus, when we study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, we are, in effect, learning just what kind of person God is. Who is the Author of the Kingdom message, and how did Jesus acknowledge this? Jehovah God was!

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And Jesus time and again gave his Father the credit. Therefore the things I speak, just as the Father has told me them, so I speak them. He did much more. He spoke it or taught it in the way the Father would have spoken it or taught it. Moreover, in all of his activities and relationships, he behaved and acted just as the Father would have behaved and acted under the same circumstances. For whatever things that One does, these things the Son also does in like manner.

So it is no wonder that Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived! Surely, then, it is of vital importance that we consider closely this most significant man! Upon force. Jesus Christ alone founded his kingdom upon love, and at this day millions of men would die for him. What did Jesus do to touch hearts and motivate people to do good? Or the story about a compassionate, forgiving father and his prodigal son. With simple illustrations, Jesus made deeds of selfishness and greed repulsive and acts of love and mercy so appealing! Why can we say that Jesus was unquestionably the greatest man who ever lived?

He practiced what he preached. When his disciples bickered over who was the greatest, he kindly corrected them rather than harshly rebuking them.

Who’s the First Person in History Whose Name We Know?

He humbly ministered to their needs, even washing their feet. Mark ; ; Luke ; John Finally, he willingly suffered a painful death, not just in their behalf, but in behalf of all humankind! Without a doubt, Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived. No video available for this selection. Respect for life and liberty is a fruit of Christianity. Those promoting abortion, euthanasia and pornography are not offering us progress, but only a return to pre-Christian paganism. The positive impact of Jesus Christ on the world cannot be overstated.

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Everything from education to human rights, from public health to economic liberty — the things we cherish most and many of the blessings we take for granted — can be traced to the spiritual and the cultural revolution begun by Jesus Christ. The irrefutable fact is that Christianity gave birth to modern science. The scientific revolution began with the Protestant Reformation and the Bible played a vital part in the development of scientific discovery.

Every major branch of science was developed by a Bible believing Christian.

The Story: Of the Greatest Person that Ever Lived

The Bible essentially created science. When we get into a car, start the engine, turn on the lights, drive to a hospital, receive an anaesthetic before an operation, and have an effective operation performed in a germ-free environment, we need to remember that we owe it all to Jesus Christ. So is every college and university. James Kennedy.

The Greatest Man Ever Lived

The phenomenon of education for the masses has its roots in Christianity. The pursuit of the knowledge of God in a systematic, philosophical and in-depth way gave rise to the phenomenon of universities all around the world. It was the Christian faith that gave rise to the idea of higher learning. Most of the languages of the world were first set to writing by Christian missionaries. The first book in most languages of the world has been the Bible.

Christianity has been the greatest force for promoting literacy worldwide throughout history. The Christian missionary movement in the 19th Century pioneered tens of thousands of schools throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands — providing education for countless millions, even in the remotest jungles, giving the gift of literacy to tribes which had never before had a written language.

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ was the greatest Teacher the world has ever known. The life, teachings and example of Jesus Christ have profoundly influenced the whole development of education worldwide. From the very beginning Christians were establishing schools. Amongst the many innovations in Christian Education was that these Christian schools taught everybody, including girls and women.

Formally educating both sexes was a Christian innovation. The Greeks and Romans before the birth of Christ did not formally educate girls. Only boys from the privileged classes obtained an education. Christianity revolutionised education by making it available to all classes and both genders.

Saint Augustine observed that Christian women were better educated than the pagan male philosophers. Every branch and level of education was pioneered by Bible-believing Christians.

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  • The concept of graded levels of education was first introduced by a German Lutheran, Johan Sturm, in the 16th Century. Another Lutheran, Frederick Froebel, introduced kindergartens. Education for the deaf was also pioneered by Christians. Before Jesus Christ, human life in the Greek and Roman world was extremely cheap. Infants born with physical defects such as blindness, were commonly abandoned to die in the wilderness.

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