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I ran after her…swatting the wasps and feeling sting after sting. That night he burned the nest out. Needless to say…the barge needed more repairs after that incident.

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Sometimes when things happen in life…crisis, loss, difficulties…I think back to that time and know that things will be ok. I think innately there is some switch inside that automatically kicks into gear and somehow I draw from this seemingly bottomless well of strength, decisiveness and perseverance. NOT to give up. NOT to let whatever it is beat me…or get me down. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that energy and give it out.

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I was downtown last week…and saw a nish brother sleeping in the lobby of a bank I visited. I stopped and looked at him sleeping there, on the floor and an overwhelming sadness crept over me…that could be one of my brothers. I wondered what happened in his life that brought him to that point…anonymous, and passed out in a bank lobby…and all of a sudden I could see the vastness of the struggles…and a deeper feeling from that despair.

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Compassion or love for the ones who struggle so. Life is just life. I do the best I can…I take things one day at a time. I raise my son to be a good man. I live to show myself what my life can be…and try not to let history repeat itself. There is SO much goodness out there. I wish that for all of my people…all of the people who are still lost and wandering. It is time we acknowledge the good, embrace it, and understand without a doubt that we deserve goodness, kindness and caring. This…I think is the true source of strength.

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The strength of individuals…. People say that to me all the time, I must give myself credit. Like Like. Well written…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

You should do this everyday for the Boss Thumper daily living Story achievement. Immediately after jumping down from the Durmand Priory onto the snow turn right and enter the cave it is the same one used for guild rush.

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Run past the bats and wurms dodge and use stability straight to the star which is past a false wall which you can pass through. Now you need to gather 40 more power core peices to make a power core to enter the lair. In every map except Eternal Battlegrounds, Orr, Southsun Cove and the starter maps, there are energy probes all over the map.

The locations of these probes are static so you can camp one if you want; the respawn time after being destoryed is 10 minutes. There will be a set of five to six defenders guarding these probes. Defeat them and the probe will become vulnerable. Destroy the probe and you can collect one to three power core pieces from it. Gather 40 more power core pieces this way and try to destory probes in five different maps the WvW borderlands maps have probes as well if you are having trouble finding more maps with probes to destroy.

Along the way, you will most likely have defeated 50 probe defenders for another achievement. Once you have 50 power core pieces, use them to make a power core and enter the secret lair.

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In the lair are 5 chests with LOTS of loot. Each chest can be opened with the appropriate cypher which is made from 25 fragments of the specific type Aetherblade, Toxic, Molten, Watchwork, Scarlet. Do not expect to succeed at the Twisted Watchwork event if you are in overflow.

Just focus on tagging as many mobs as possible for more fragments. A high damage AoE profession is recommended.

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High armor and health is not necessary as most of the enemies have low health and are killed quickly. Be careful as the enemies in this pre-event have extremely high damage, armor and health, and cause many conditions including stuns, dazes, knockbacks, launches. You have to escort all three different paths at least once for the achievements.

Then just make up the remainder of the 11 required achievements with daily Boss Thumper achievements by participating in either the Twisted Marionette or Great Jungle Wurm fight.

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Liquid WXP drops randomly from killing enemy invaders. Once again, we have another easy set of monthly achievements. Start by entering WvW and follow a zerg around capturing objectives. Make up the remainder of the 40 skill points you need with the Scrolls of Knowledge I told you to save in your bank in previous months.

If this is your first visit to this blog, save all Scrolls of Knowledge you obtain from champion loot bags in your bank for monthly Skill Point Amasser and daily Skill Point Accumulator. These are some easy and quick dungeons:. Finally, for Monthly Completionist , just complete the daily meta reward on 4 days.

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Skip Puzzle Jumper if you are not good at jumping puzzles. Happy everyone! May the new year bring lots of fun, exciting new updates and great living stories! Memoirs of Demi Random thoughts, ideas and recollections of a gamer. February 12, By demirincar. Shadow of Grenth comes with a cool dark mist trail effect when you move. February 6, February 4, February 1, This month we have a set of the usual straightforward monthly achievements.

Simple but boring. January 25, January 19, January 10, Additionally, if you bought gems, you also get a Mini Mr Sparkles along with the backpack.